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Automatic steel plate bevelling machine
Milling thickness and length:40mmX10000mm

CNC (computerized numerical control) hydraulic shearing machine
Plate thickness and length:25mmX3200mm

Xray flaw detector

CNC (computerized numerical control) platform drilling machine
Workpiece length and width:2500mmX2500mm

CNC (computerized numerical control) lathe

CNC (computerized numerical control) cutting machine
Maximum plate size:4000mmX18000mm

Gantry milling machine
Maximum capacity:2000mmX4000mm

CNC (computerized numerical control) three-roller plate rolling machine
Maximum steel plate thickness and length:80mm×2500mm

Helium mass leak detector

Electric double-beam crane
Lifting capacity (main50Tsecondary16T)

CNC (computerized numerical control) bending machine
Bending stress and plate length:300TX4000mm

CNC (computerized numerical control) tube-sheet pulse argon arc welding machine

Large lathe
Maximum workpiece diameter and length: 800mmX8000mm

Hydraulic tube expander
Tube expanding pressure:300MPa

60T universal testing machine

Test and analysis instrument (HP gas chromatograph)


X-ray flaw detection room

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